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To Open A Laundry Is So Easy Now, Even For Newbie!

Because We Are Your One-Stop-Shop Laundry Machineries Supplier - That's Including Of All Machine, Delivery, Installation, Maintenance, Shop Design, Training & Consultancy!

You are very interested to open a laundry shop (full service, self-service/coin or just laundry operation), but hesitate because of 4 things.

Firstly, you are completely new to this business with ZERO KNOWLEDGE! You ask," It is possible to open a laundry shop even without any experience?" The answer is "Yes!. So far, we have assisted more than 50 newbies to open their dream laundry shop.

Secondly, what kind of reliable machine to use? We will only sell good, reputable brand from big factory.

Thirdly, location problem. What's the best location for my laundry shop?

Open A Laundry Shop Even Though You Don't Know Anything About Laundry
On the knowledge side, it's easiest to solve! You just need to attend our express 1 day training to gain practical, day-to-day laundry operation experience. The training is just RM250. After attending the training, you'll learn pretty much everything 70% to 80% about laundry operation. If you still need futher guidance, then you may opt to work at our shop to gain hand-on experience. Lastly, we do provide free life-time consultancy after training.

Laundry Machine
On the machine side, The top 3 most neccesary & expensive equipments are washer, gas dryer & steam ironing machine. For a budget beginner, 1 washer, 1 dryer & 1 steam ironing set is good enough. Though ideally is to have at least a 13kg frontload washer, with a spare 8kg washer, a 13kg dryer & a italy steam iron with a 13kg (2in1) aqua dry cleaning machine

What brand to use? We suggest just to stick to popular brand.

On the cost issue, the next important question to ask is, "How Much Does It Cost To Open A Laundry Shop?". A basic, non frills laundry shop is around RM40,000++. Yes with just RM40k you can start a shop!

Location, location, location!
Lastly the question about location, you may ask is "What Is A Good Location ?" The thumb rule is that anywhere near universities/colleges/IPT, hospitals, high rise buildings -flats, condos, apartments..etc is a good location.

You can also use to do a simple shop location research. Or the old fashion way - flipping newspaper. From & newspaper classified ads, you can compile a list of location that you like or near where you stay.

What Next?
If you decide already have a location and are okay with simple decoration.

All you need to do now is to buy the related equipments, move in the equipment into your premises and get the piping and wiring done in 1 or 2 day. Then you are set to go.

Bottomline is laundry business is pretty straightforward & simple. There are only 3 things you need: a shop, equipments & training.

Call David at 016 - 3378 403 to for quotation now.