Copius Laundry Equipment Trading (SA0145348-M)
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You Have Purchased The Coin Machine, Now Need Someone To Deliver, Install, Piping, All-In Reno?

  1. Machine Delivery, Installation
  2. M&E - Wiring, Water Piping, Drain, Water Pump, Water Filter, Lps Gas, Ducting..etc
  3. Shop Reno - Partition, Painting, Tiles, Lighting, Ceiling Fan, CCTV...Etc

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  1. Penghangtaran, Pemasang Segala Mesin Koin Dobi
  2. M&E - Wiring Seluruh Kedai, Water Piping, Drain, Water Pump, Water Filter, Lpg Gas, Ducting..Etc
  3. Shop Reno - Partisan, Painting, Tiles, Ceiling Fan, Kerusi, Meja...Etc

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Sample Document for Your Laundry Shop

  1. Invoice Sample (1, 2, 3 )
  2. How To Charge Your Customer? Here's The Price List Sample

Practical Guide

  1. How To Fund Your Shop
  2. How To Find Your Ideal Shop Location
  3. Domestic vs Heavy Duty vs Commercial
  4. How You Can Lose A Customer
  5. Need To Calculate Your Cost? Here's a Simple BreakDown cost for your laundry shop

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Kursus Praktikal Dobi

The laundry training will be conducted on Saturday (biweekly, 2nd & 4th week of each month), 9.30pm-12.30pm at Kota Damansara

Now you can run and start your own laundry business with our express hand-on laundry training. Our trainer owns the laundry shop, so he will share with you his valuable tips & do-and-dont. No more guesswork!

Congratulation to many of our newbie trainees who have successfully completed this training and opened their shops. They all started off with zero knowledge whatsoever...

this is what's in the laundry operating manual

  1. The 11 steps, detailed laundry process flow (with picture)--- from the moment you accept clothings until you finish packing and weight it.
  2. Laundry monthly expenses (sample) - to calculate your cost and profit
  3. Laundry Floor Plan (sample) - how to design your shop
  4. 2 Pages of Sample Price List
  5. Suppliers list - including dry cleaning contractor, detergent supplier, invoice supplier
  6. Dry Cleaning Symbols - teach you how to read label
  7. Invoice (sample)
  8. Item Check list with supplier contacts
  9. Record Book (sample)
  10. Machine Quotation
  11. CERTIFICATE/SIJIL will be provided upon request

To make sure you can start up your laundry business the easy way, we provide you tons of sample documents and supplier list. It saves you time & energy. If you face any problem after the training, you can call us anytime and we will solve your problem.

The location: Kota Damansara, near Giza Sunway
Training Fee: RM250/head
Language: Bahasa Malaysia, English (or Manderine if needed)

To place your place, please contact our office at 03 - 6285 4428 now!

Our Banking Details are as below
Bank : Maybank
Account Name: Copius Laundry Equi8ment Trading
Account Nomber: 5122 3134 2080
Max Person Per Training: 4-8 Person

Or, you can pay with your credit card (via Paypal)


Aftering banking in RM250 to us, please email us at with details like your name, date & time. We will send you the details later.

Thanks & Best Regards,

15 May 2010: Training was Successfully Conducted!

08 May 2010: Training was Successfully Conducted!

16 April 2010: Training was Successfully Conducted!

2 Feb 2010: Training was Successfully Conducted!

At the counter, after accepting clothings, issue an invoice & mark the bags.
Never wet-washing any clothings that are only meant for dry-cleaning. Always read the label.
The multi-purpose master record book is a very important tool to help you to plan your daily washing/drying activities.
Wow, look kind of messy isn't it? This is the processing area where you queue up each bag for washing according to expected delivery date.
Sorting, tagging & recording are all done at same time. To see how this is done, please attend our training.
After sorting, one full basket of clothings is ready to be washed. The weight is around 4-6kg for this particular washer. Don't Overload!
Your Laundy Shop Should Be Divided To Several Working Areas Like Folding Zone, Ironing Zone, Processing Zone..etc
This is the wet washing pick up zone. The market price for wet-washing now is around RM2 to RM2.5 per kg.
This is the dry-cleaning pick up zone. You can contract out your dry cleaning items to suppliers. We will give you the contact after training.
You'll get a laundry operating manual after training.