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Used Laundry Machine For Sales

Used Electrical Electrolux Flatwork Ironer (Update 30 May 2012)

  1. Made In Sweden, 2010 made
  2. Just 10 months old, like new!
  3. 3Phase/50hz
  4. RM 16,000 only! (PROMO PRICE)

Used Itaclean 12kg PERC Dry Cleaning Machine (Update 19 May 2012)

  3. RM 60,000 ONLY (YOU SAVE RM40,000)
  4. You hardly can find used dry cleaning machine in good condition, so this is your chance.

Used Coin Machine (Update 19 May 2012)

  1. Maytag Coin Stack Gas Dryer (RM7k), Maytag Coin Washer & Dryer (RM12k), Maytag 9kg Frontload (RM8k, Free Standing & High Spin)

Used Electrolux 8kg Hydro Extractor (Update 19 May 2012)

  1. MADE IN Sweden
  2. Free Standing (No Mounting)
  3. Hign Spin 1000 RPM
  4. 3Phase, 410v/50hz
  6. RM 9,000 ONLY

Used Lavamac Frontload Washer-Extractor (Update 19 May 2012)

  1. Made In Belgium
  2. Free Standing (No Mounting)
  3. Hign Spin 1000 RPM
  4. 3Phase, 410v/50hz
  5. Year Made In 2005
  7. RM 9,000 ONLY

1x Electrolux Frontload 13kg Washer- Extractor
1 x Electrolux 10kg Gas Dryer
1 x Stirovap 5litre Boiler With Hand Iron

  1. Machine is just less than 2 months (in March 2010) with another warranty of 10 months
  2. I saw the original invoice, it can be provided to you.
  3. Price Not Inclusive of delivery. RM1k for delivery, installation & re-inforced concrete for washer
  4. Or you can take over the whole shop at just RM32k!
  5. Monthly rental of just RM1,200 per month. Just near to Desa Park City, Kepong. 5 minutes to Petaling Jaya.
  6. Most importantly the shop is clean & safe with tiles.
  7. Suitable For Contract JOB. All related piping, wiring, accessories & equipment is already in place.
  8. Free 400litre water tank with panasonic water pump (for take over)
  9. Very big space of 1600ft
  10. Reason for selling, location not good, owner wants to cut loses, but okay for contract job

    Update 28 June 2010: Item Sold!.

16 May: Used 25kg Electrolux Washer-Extractor For Sale ---RM16k

This machine is taken out from a laundry shop while still is in good working condition. No repair required. No rust, shinning stainless steel condition. Suitable to wash heavy load. Free delivery & installation. 3 Phase motor, 5 years machine. Update 28 June 2010: Item Sold!.

1). Electrolux 13kg Washer-Extractor ------RM12,000 (bought at RM17,000)
2). Electrolux 13kg Gas Dryer ----------------RM7,000 (bought at RM12,000)
3). Electrolux 8kg Washer---------------------RM 3,000 (bought at RM6,000)
4). Stirovap Steam Iron With Bolider (Italy Made)----RM 2,000 (bought at RM2,500)

Equipment Worth of RM37,500 Now Sell At RM25,00 Only!
You Save A Whopping RM12, 500!

These machines are very new, only used for about 7 months in perfect working condition (. It is still with 5 months manufacturer warranty. An inspection can be arranged for serious buyers to view the machine.

Original invoice can be provided

original manual will be provided

Update 22 April 2010: Item Sold!